Do you crave sugar all day, every day—or even a few times a week? I’m talking about candy, sweets, chocolate.
Do you crave carbohydrates? These include bread, cereal (yes, even oatmeal!), pasta, rice, pastries, sandwiches, wraps, and breakfast bars.
Do you feel the need to include something sweet with every meal or snack?
Do you experience spikes and dips in your energy levels throughout the day?
Do you often feel tired upon waking in the morning?
Do you drink alcoholic beverages daily or multiple times per week?
Are you trying to burn body fat?
Are you following a low-fat, whole-grain-rich diet that just isn’t working?
Does the way you eat leave you feeling unsatisfied, hungry, and grazing on snacks every 2 to 3 hours?
Do you follow a clean-eating type of lifestyle (including, but not limited to: Paleo, primal, low-carb, vegetarian, Weston Price, and real food), but still experience carb or sugar cravings?
If you’ve answered yes to at least one of these questions, then you’re the perfect candidate for The 21 Day Sugar Detox.
The 21 Day Sugar Detox is a proven, whole-foods based program designed to help you bust sugar and carb cravings. The program includes:
  • complete outline of included foods and foods that will be eliminated for the three weeks (Yes/No Foods Lists)
  • plethora of resources, information, recipes, and more to help you along the way
  • 4 group coaching sessions to get you started and keep you motivated and accountable - guiding you into, through and moving beyond your 21 Day Sugar Detox
  • A private Facebook page specifically for YOUR group of participants, moderated by certified 21 Day Sugar Detox coaxhes..
  • 1 page guides and cheat-sheets.
  • Restaurant and eating out guides.
The 21 Day Sugar Detox has three different levels, so that you can ease in to a new way of eating depending on how you currently eat. Every level is effective and stands alone. It is not required that you complete the program at the highest level  in order to see and feel the most amazing results and benefits of the program.

The Basics

What kinds of foods will I be eating on the 21 Day Sugar Detox?

You will be eating real, whole, nutrient-dense foods on the program. You will not be eating refined and highly processed foods. This program will require that you get your hands dirty in the kitchen as much as possible, but there are loads of tips and tricks for how to manage the program while dining out, traveling, and overall living a busy modern life. 

Will I need to purchase special foods or supplements to complete the program?

There are no special foods or supplements required to complete the 21Day Sugar Detox program. If you would like to make the any of recipes provided, you may find some new ingredients within the recipes. The coaching calls are there to support you in your journey and answer any questions or concerns you may have about sourcing and using new ingrediets like coconut aminos, a soy-free sauce that’s great in Asian inspired dishes.
In the program, you’ll find recommendations for supplements if you would like to try using some of them, but they are not required for your success. Many find them to be extremely helpful, however, and we do recommend reviewing the options to see if any of them sound like something that might help you.

Is the program right for ME?

A few FAQ's 

Is The 21 Day Sugar Detox appropriate for vegetarians or pescetarians? What about vegans?

Pescetarians/lacto-ovo pescetarians will find modifications within the program to follow that include fish, eggs, and dairy. If you follow a strictly plant-foods-based or animal-foods-free vegan diet, The 21-Day Sugar Detox is not appropriate for you.
Is The 21 Day Sugar Detox appropriate if I follow a strictly gluten-free diet?

Yes! This program is 100% gluten-free. It’s also soy-free, corn-free, peanut-free and overall very allergen-free friendly. A level of the program is also dairy-free. 
Is The 21-Day Sugar Detox appropriate if I follow a Paleo or Primal diet? 
Yes! You will follow the appropriate level for your dietary needs.
Is The 21-Day Sugar Detox safe if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes! Pregnant and breastfeeding moms will find modifications within the program to follow that include special notes. The group calls are there to further provide additional support and access to exclusive guides just for you!

Is The 21-Day Sugar Detox safe if I am an athlete ?

Yes! Athletes (if you exercise/work out/train with moderate to high intensity 3 or more times a week, this is you!) will find modifications within the program to follow that include special notes. The group calls are there to further provide additional support and access to exclusive guides just for you!

Is The 21-Day Sugar Detox family-friendly/safe for children and teens?

Yes! Families can absolutely complete the program together and you’ll also find additional, exclusive guides just for families in the membership portal! There are some tweaks to make to the program for young family members, but it’s absolutely family-friendly.

Is The 21-Day Sugar Detox safe for diabetics?

Yes! The 21DSD is a whole-foods based program, and is safe for anyone. That said, if you are under the care of a medical professional, are insulin dependent, or are taking blood sugar regulating medications, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before beginning any new nutritional program. You may find that your medications need to be adjusted with your new way of eating, and enlisting the support of your doctor will be important.

You and you fellow 21 Day Sugar Detox participants have


to your our own 21 DAY SUGAR DETOX private group

C’mon, everyone’s doing it, it's a challenge, it's fun, won’t tell your mom…

No, seriously, do it. Really. Everyone IS doing it. Why? Because it works. 

The goal here is to get rid of that sugar itch once and for all, find your food freedom and enjoy ALL the benefits. You will be able to:
  • Kick your sugar cravings to the curb, for good!!!
  • Look better and feel better than you have in ages.
  • Think more clearly.
  • Clean up your diet to reach the next level of athletic ability.
  • Experience more accountability and individualized support.
  • Embark on this journey with a group of your friends and colleagues who understand your unique perspective.
  • Gain tools, skills and knowledge to share with your clients, supporting them in their journeys to achieving their goals.

Are you ready to BREAK UP WITH SUGAR?